Initial Commit

Six weeks into my journey to transition from professional composer to backened engineer, my emotions are mixed and varied. One conclusion emerges however...I really enjoy coding.

It is in some ways a startling realization. This decision, in it's inception, was more rooted in the need to move on from my previous life into one that had a future. What came as a shock was the constant delves into flow-state. Looking up after what felt like minutes considering a code block to find that I hadn't eaten in hours or that the sun had long since set.

It's tempting to lean into this feeling of immersion and obsession. To some degree it will be necessary for success. However, it is a slippery slope and one I intend to traverse carefully.

In the meantime, I will take this moment to enjoy the fact that I now understand how to make and use a binary search tree or that I know what duck-typing is, and I will channel that into steeling myself for how much frustration and progress are still on the horizon. I will remember that most important on this journey is to keep trying to be better than I was yesterday.